Friday, January 15, 2010

paper published!

After years and years of work and rewrites, finally I got a manuscript pushed through the scientific community's referee system! Molecular Ecology is the journal. Hooray! One more paper to go. It's SO much work, my goodness. But we're trying to get my chapters published first, and into the dissertation second...a good goal, but very difficult for me.

Other updates -- TM's still often sick, so I'm trying the 'get-rid-of-dairy' idea. We'll see if it helps. Sigh. She's had coughing attacks and puking the last 4 nights, so I'm low on sleep and rather depressed. But she's sleeping in this morning (so far) so I have high hopes for a productive morning. I did some job searching but didn't do more than try to update my profile at the BYU alumni website. Oh well.

There was an awesome solar eclipse yesterday! Maximum coverage was 84%. Absolutely awesome.

Hopefully will have more updates later. There's another move pending in our future -- more details as it solidifies. Same company (Q's job), different country.